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Boost Your Entertainment Experience with These 8 Apps

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Mobile Apps provide us flexibility as well as excitement even when we are on the go. Also, if it is supreme entertainment and fun you want on the go, there are plenty of apps for that. You must install eight apps mentioned below to improve your entertainment experience.
  1. Pokemon Go
This post cannot be completed without writing about Pokemon Go app. people around the globe have been obsessively using their phones to level up and compete as Pokemon trainers since its release. This app is all about the Pokemon world as well as exposing you to the real-life action of catching Pok√©mon. This app is now available to download for both Android and iOS from their respective app stores, but only users based in New Zealand,  the US and  Australia can officially install the free game as of yet.
  1. Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 provides an amazing gaming experience if you are looking for a new game to invest some time. This app challenges and evokes as the sequel to the original has you running and jumping through obstacle courses. Also, you focus on collecting accomplishments and powers as you go along, YO can download this app from 9Apps for Android easily.
  1. Showbox
This app is used to stream videos, TV Shows and serials and films with free of cost. Also, it allows you to download all types of watching latest Showbox movies in a just selected quality. So, download Showbox and have access to more than 24 genres of content such as comedies, action movies, horror, thrillers, documentaries, and sci-fi. A well-stocked library provides you access to non-stop streaming and downloads of movies plus TV series. Before you commit to a new movie or series. You can check out reviews and ratings as well.
  1. Clash of Clans
It has been endorsed by plenty of stars. Clash of Clans is similar to the classic strategy game Age of Empires. Also, you are bound to be drawn into Clash of Clans if you are the type of person who likes war games. The game is particularly designed around building and defending. This popular game is no longer iOS-only, but Android users can also get started. Players can keep their villages in sync across both platforms.
  1. Vimeo
Focused on presenting extraordinary footage from a flourishing community of creatives, was Founded in 2004. This app provides you access to hundreds of exciting new videos. Vimeo is a must have app for those who are interested in inspirational messages as well as want to feed their curiosity plus have a wider view of the world they live in.
  1. Spotify
Spotify is one app you should have, particularly if you are a music fan. You can create your playlist as well as enjoy curated stations on the app. Also, one can sample any of the more than 10 million songs available. Spotify is free to download on mobile phones, and you can download it from a popular apps store like 9Apps for Android and so install 9Apps nowSpotify app has an offline mode, which allows users hear their music even without an online connection.
  1. Netflix
Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes in the world. Just get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership, and you can instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes. This is a great app for those people who want to enjoy classic movies on the go. Keep in mind that you are missing out on a great number of classic movies and TV series on demand if you haven’t signed up for Netflix yet.
  1. Social Judo
Social judo is cell phone monitoring apps for iPhone & Android. You can use the most powerful monitoring features like Social media monitoring, Text message monitoring of Social Judo on your smartphone device!
These are eight exciting apps to fuel your entertainment and fun experience.

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